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Designation CT-1880 CT-1885 CT-1890 CT-1895 CE-1885
Below test results were from our TPU film of thickness 1.0m/m
Hardness ±2 80A 85A 90A 95A 85A
300% Modulus
50 70 80 140 85
Tensile Strength
230 320 340 400 330
800 600 550 500 600
Tear strength
75 90 100 125 90
Specific Gravity
1.2 1.2 1.2 1.22 1.12
Melt point  ±5℃ 70 100 110 130 100
UV Resistance 24hr
4 4 4 4 4
Hydiolysis Resistance Good Good Good Good Excellent
H/F welding level Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent

※ properties listed for reference only, actual data to test the actual film as the standard. (Thickness specifications: 0.1 ~ 2.0mm)
※ Where necessary requirements other things, the company also with the development and mass production.
※ another film after processing series: electroless plating, change color film, laminating or processing of all kinds of lines, etc ......

TPU products according to different production methods have their different methods and types of post-processing

1、Blown class - Typically bonded patch manner as clothing, medical appliances or shoe with a waterproof and
2、Extrusion class - TPU film extrusion in terms of the use that is more and post-processing methods, such as
High Frequency - Pneumatic molding, eager to make the substrate Logo or decorations.
Printing、change color - Screen printing, heat transfer, water transfer, knife, roller, co-paste PU Skin.
Stickers reflective film
Stick together - Stick knitting / weaving, stick plating / Ray Zhimo.
Vacuum - As air bags, oil, computer keyboards, dust cover.
Glue- LCD protective film, waterproof, electronic tape.
With injection- Injection, injection outsole use.
3、Injection class - Generally speaking directly after the injection can be used mostly finished, and then after
   processing For who posted are based on re-painting and electroplating based.
1、 Abrasion & abrasion Hao is very good.
2、 Tear good tensile strength.
3、 Oil, Gasoline resistance is good.
4、 Low-temperature characteristics of a good flexible, weather resistance, ozone resistance.
5、 Ichiban Health Act in line with FDA regulations.
6、 Wide range of hardness, elasticity softness cept, large shock-absorbing silencer.
7、 Transparency, versatile, good workability.
8、 It can meet the environmental requirements & recycling processing cost savings.
9、 Easily mixed with other resins.
10、 The solvent can dissolve after processing.
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